Legends of Venari
Legends of Venari

Legends of Venari

Legends of Venari is a blockchain-based game in which players explore the world of Caerras to capture creatures known as Venari. The core game loop is focused on using bait to attract Venari, catching Venari with rigs, and gaining gold and experience to get better rigs and better bait, in order attract and catch unique Venari.

🍭 Venarii Tools

Need help in catching your Venariis? Check out the DLS Venaridex! It contains information from some of the best players in the game! Our friends at DLS have kindly shared this resources to the public so do show them some love! From the team:

VenariDex is an all-in-one tool made from the collaborative effort between the D'licious Guild (DLS) and the community of Legends of Venari. The DLS team initially foresaw the potential struggles of newer players when they're starting out the game, hence the decision to collaborate with the community in hope to bridge the knowledge gap between the newer players and the veteran players. The VenariDex contains all the relevant information that the players need in order to excel in the game - Venari Bios, Sighting Maps, Population Tracker, Ideal Baits, Confirmed Combo Ratios for all Venaris, and Combo Tracker. These valuable information, especially the Combo Ratios, are contributed by all the helpful members of the community who see the same value as DLS - "Do Good. Be kind. Help Others."



📖 Blog Posts

Below you will find our latest blogposts by the evil geniuses at MTTM HQ! These will cover the economy, gameplay systems and mechanics of the game. If you would like to contribute feel free to drop by the MTTM discord