Pepo Paradise AMA with Chris | 8 April 2022

Pepo Paradise AMA with Chris | 8 April 2022

April 26, 2022
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This AMA was originally hosted Live on our MTTM discord, the full video contains content that is not fully reflected in the following prepared transcript. This document is meant for educational purposes only and should not be taken as Financial Advice! Disclaimer: MTTM have collaborated with Pepo Paradise and received whitelist for our Core Team and Community members. Please DYOR! Do not make financial decisions based solely off any of our authors opinions.



AMA Questions (Hosted by Abu)

  1. Welcome Chris! Excited to have you here, for the audience and listeners who may be unfamiliar, would you be able to introduce yourself to everyone? Sure, I am Chris the Founder and Director of FINIFUGU Games, the team behind PEPO Paradise. Finifugu is an award-winning games studio featured on Google Play Store and Apple App Store globally in more than 150 countries in Best New Game, Game of the Day, Editor's Choice, etc. The team consists of 12 full-time members distributed in different locations globally, including Hong Kong, London, Italy, Thailand, and Taiwan.
  2. FiniFugu games is not a newcomer to the games industry, your team has created many successful mobile games over the years - why did your team decide to venture into P2E and NFT gaming? We see a massive opportunity in the web3 gaming space and how ownership over virtual items can revolutionize the gaming and interactive entertainment industry. We decided to move to web3 to build something more innovative for the industry and shape the future gaming space, starting with interoperable virtual pets, supported by our extensive experience in pet-management mobile games.
  3. For those who may be new or still getting up to speed, can you quickly introduce to PEPO Paradise the project and some of the biggest things happening now? Inspired by games like Animal Crossing, Neopets, Super Smash bros., PEPO Paradise is a cross-chain Petaverse with a unique "FEED-TO-EARN" mechanic in a Sandbox environment. On top of that we increase the value and usability of NFT by acting as a GATEWAY to deploy them into metaverses. We visioned to be the gateway between NFT brands and Metaverses, and become the ultimate pet service protocol in web3. So what feed-to-earn do is to create an additional yield for NFT holders. And these NFTs are the partners that we work with from any chains. Our most noticeable partners so far are : PGodjira, Clementine’s Nightmare, WonderPals etc. So basically you can deploy these NFTs onto PEPO paradise and immediately they become one of the PEPOs. Then you can feed and take care of your PEPO, and build up the bonding between you and your NFT overtime. Once the bonding is high enough the PEPO will give you token as rewards, they may event drop exclusive NFT items or even lay eggs for the players to Hatch! We are also having our NFT sale, the PEPO Cheeks on 20th April. Cheeks are the first NFT brand that we incubate within PEPO Paradise and will be the first collection that becomes one of the PEPOs and join PEPO Paradise. There are multiple body parts for each tier of Cheeks that will be procedurally generated on minting events. Body parts combination results in almost infinite unique PEPOs. The Cheeks sale is on Ethereum and scheduled at 420 (20April) for our Paradise Ticket holders, Cheek list holders, and OG to mint. There is no public sale you will have to grab them from the secondary market like from the Opensea after the sale. We are having the Cheeks NFT on Etherium to demonstrate our cross-chain technology and as an example of how to utilise ETH based NFTs for games.
  4. You guys have opted to not have any public mint, but instead are doing a mint via OG tickets (Paradise Tickets) and then cheeklist for the Pepo Cheeks with remainder being raffled in your OG channels and for the team. What made you take this specific decision for minting? So the only way for you to particate in the NFT sale is to get the Paradise Ticket NFT from secondary market like Opensea, or participate in our community events to get Cheeks List and OG role. The reason behind this is that we want our NFT holders to be the ones who understand our project and be excited about the game. Instead of flippers who are experienced in gas wars and bot minting in the public round. Our community events include things like interactive games, AMA giveaways, fan art competitions, and more, to encourage the community to engage and learn more about our project & vision, and reward them a chance to participate in our NFT sale. We believe having a strong community that is interested in and believe in our vision is more important than massive marketing that attracts general investors with low intention to participate in our product.
  5. As a traditional developer who has built games in Web 2.0 would love your personal thoughts on the P&E space as a whole and what you think the future holds I think a lot of people starting to realize that tokenomics is very important and it is unhealthy to have the Earning feature be the core of the game. Players are more careful now and try to not step into the next 1000% APR game, or step in early only. That's why you see a lot of those games gains a lot of attention in the beginning and die off very very quickly I think Upcoming projects will be focusing more on Play and Earn instead of P2E, and put more attention into making games that are more FUN to play, and with a sustainable economy and tight community I also expect P2E games to shift more towards NFT rewards instead of token rewards to reduce pressure on the game economy tokens, reduce the barrier of entry, and encourage trades between players. Or competitive leaderboards or esports, and reward skillful & experienced players. Last trend for the web3 gaming space is better usable of NFT assets, interoperability and integrating with well-known NFT brands. In the past few months we have already seen how NFT as brand entity can create so much valuation and become a whole market by itself. These assets are now waiting for creative and innovative entrepreneurs to step in and provide more utilities, usecases, and leverage them in different scenarios. Which is also what PEPO paradise is building. With the PEPO directory infrastructure, future developers can have easy access to the NFT brands and provide new user experience to their holders. These holders are high quality traffic with high engagement and retention. Imagin if there are 2 games that are very similar to eachother, but one of them allows users to use their invested NFT assets in the game, this game already has much bigger comparative advantage to the other game. And this is the future that I believe in and foresee.

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