MTTM Esports Program
MTTM Esports Program

MTTM Esports Program

August 13, 2022
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The Mission

MTTM has a long history in blockchain gaming; dating all the way back to Guru’s famous Axie Infinity Breeding and Scholarship videos. We’ve since grown to thousands of committed members from all over the web3 space, partnered with many of the biggest Web3 games and projects, and have done our best to help the future of Blockchain Gaming.

In the spirit of pushing the space forward, MTTM will be launching our own professional esports program to compete at the highest levels of web3 and web2 gaming. You read that right, we won’t stop at Web3, we believe the best way to have web2 organizations take us seriously is to beat them in their own games, despite being a web3 native brand. This is the grand plan, however, and in order to accomplish it, we need to take this step by step.

The Process

  1. Rally the talent and leadership within MTTM to help create an elite esports program that will compete in ranked seasons and tournaments. This is not a scholarship program, these members will be sponsored pro players and will not be expected to “Play 2 Earn”.
  2. Take applications internally and externally to onboard our first wave of esports pros who will all go through a probationary period to evaluate their performance. Special invitational privileges may be granted to certain figures but this will be an extremely rare occurrence. We wish to stay impartial in our selection process.
  3. The initial focus will be on Axie Infinity esports as it’s currently the only established Web3 esports league, as well as a game MTTM has a strong relationship with.
  4. All successful applicants will be given a special role in the MTTM discord signifying their importance in the community, as well as access to exclusive channels for coaching, collaborating, and connecting with leaders in the Web3 space.
  5. Members will be given high performing teams, all carefully selected with each player so they can comfortably compete at a professional level. The spirit of competition will always be changing, and MTTM will do its best to keep up with the flow of the Meta.
  6. Together with our members, we will compete in all ranked seasons, regular tournaments, and even our own special events and tournaments hosted through our exclusive partners.
  7. Content is king, we truly believe this at MTTM. All successful esports members will have an opportunity to become a partnered creator with MTTM where we will give you added creator support, branding materials, as well as potential brand deals to help further grow and monetize your personal brand.
  8. We will further establish our brand and members as key figures in the web3 and web2 gaming space. This may include future funding rounds, the development of new MTTM products such as merchandising, or the release of MTTM exclusive NFTs. Our most committed members and competitors will be given special access and unique perks for all future MTTM endeavors.

Ready to become an official MTTM esports pro?

The Future

This is only the beginning! MTTM has strong relations with game development studios, professional web2 esports competitors, content creators, and key leaders in the web3 and gaming space. We will continue to leverage our reputation and accomplishments to create one of the most recognizable web3 gaming brands in the world. A more thorough white paper will be released in the near future which better illustrates our plans to establish Method to the Mythos, and what opportunities may be available to join us on our exciting journey.

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