Getting Started in Origins Guide: Tips and Tricks!
Getting Started in Origins Guide: Tips and Tricks!

Getting Started in Origins Guide: Tips and Tricks!

April 8, 2022
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8 April 2022, @abunft

Disclaimer: Big thanks to all our contributors in the Discord! A lot of the tips and tricks are here came from the ongoing discussion in our Community! Keep up to date with this article and the ongoing conversation in our discord!


Axie Origin is finally here! With a beautiful new graphics engine and brand new cards it can be a lot to take in - That’s why we have compiled a few important tips and tricks to help new players and returning veterans get up to speed on all the important things you should be doing in game!

1. When you first load up the game, play the tutorial!


Sky Mavis have thankfully added a simple tutorial this time to get you up to speed with all the new updates and game systems. This is a great way to learn about the cards and new gameplay mechanics like Rage, Summons and the new turn system. If you want to refresh your memory or somehow missed it, its in the Adventure Section - look for sunglasses Buba!

2. Play Adventure to unlock Runes, Charms and Crafting!


When you first start out the game you will not have access to some important parts of the game. You will need to progress through adventure in order to unlock them. Some achiev Team unlocks after completing: Stage User Level 2 Friends List unlocks after completing: User Level 3 Axie unlocks after completing: Stage 1 Chapter 1 Inventory unlocks after completing: Stage 2 Chapter 1 Collection unlocks after completing: Stage 3 Chapter 1 Crafting unlocks after completing: Stage 6 Chapter 1

3. Toggle Mobile Mode in order to minimize accidentally spending cards


With the new turn based system, cards are played immediately after clicking toggling mobile mode allows you to drag cards out and release them without immediately activating their effects! Consider turning this on if you find yourself constantly misplaying cards when you are trying to read them!

Mobile mode means you can drag cards all the way out and move them back!
Mobile mode means you can drag cards all the way out and move them back!

4. Play your Initial Cards first!


Initial cards are easy to miss and can provide a valuable bonus when played first! You only get one Initial each turn so if you waste it on a skill card - you are out of luck!

4. Calculate your Shield Values, certain cards only work when you inflict HP Loss!


Certain cards only activate their abilities when they cause HP loss to a target, cards like Tiny Turtle and Carrot only work when you hit past their shield so remember to take note of this before using them!

5. Understand how Revenge Cards work!

Sometimes Revenge will make you sad like dad
Sometimes Revenge will make you sad like dad

Revenge Cards are a new mechanic that we will cover in a whole other article, but its important to know the gist of it!

  1. Revenge Cards replace all currently available from the fallen Axie. This does not include banished cards.
  2. Damage Dealing revenge cards ignore Taunt Effects and only hit the first enemy
  3. Revenge Cards do not activate skills like Death Mark and Bleed
  4. At the end of your turn, it Revenge Cards are not used - they immediately get banished, do not discard them as they will be redrawn

6. Be aware of Damage Negation Effects!


Certain cards give passive statuses that will negate damage, these will affect your card order and whether to you are able to secure kills

  1. Bubble will reduce 5 DMG per stack
  2. Certain Runes will reduce damage taken!

7. Equip Runes and Charms


Equip Runes! Even if they arent the best in slot, every bit of extra bonuses help! Your opponents will definitely be using them so you should too! Make sure to use moonshards to as they wont carry over!

8. Remember to claim your Idle Foraging rewards!


Remember to pickup all the foraging rewards that are collected every 12 hours! These rewards are important as they will help you craft the charms and runes!


Origins is very fresh still and many of the effects and stats will change over time but hopefully these beginner tips will help you get the most out of your Axie Infinity journey!

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way through! If you enjoyed the article feel free to share it publicly but do us a favor and credit either myself and/or MTTM by using the links to our Twitter profiles below.

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