A New Chapter Begins “Guru X Covalent”
A New Chapter Begins “Guru X Covalent”

A New Chapter Begins “Guru X Covalent”

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It’s finally time to announce that I’ll be joining Covalent as an executive member of their sales team to handle new business and growth. What is Covalent? Why did I join them? And what’s going to happen to MTTM? I plan to answer all those questions in this short TLDR.

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What is Covalent

Covalent is a web3 organization that provides data infrastructure for the entire blockchain through its single, unified API. Unlike many of the web3/crypto companies we’ve seen pop up in the last 1-2 years, Covalent has been around for more than 5 years already and is an active, profitable business that provides a variety of services to leading names in the crypto industry. I won’t spend too much time explaining what Covalent does right now since I’ll be sharing plenty of information publicly in the coming months. However, if you want to learn more, you can visit their website at https://www.covalenthq.com/ or watch the video below!

Why I Chose To Join Them

I’ve spent the last 2+ years building my web3 brand 0xGuru, as well as the MTTM community. I made some smart “and lucky” investments in crypto and NFTs that have allowed me to focus on personal growth and being a pioneer of web3 gaming, however, with an extended bear market in the midst, things are inevitably changing. Taking on independent consulting gigs right now is difficult and risky, if you decide to back the wrong project it could negatively affect your reputation long-term in the space. There’s also the matter of bear markets being a perfect time to accumulate for the next cycle, so having a solid income during these times is essential.

These realizations led me to start exploring professional opportunities with more established web3 companies. I wanted to find a place where I could advance my career, network, and skills, while also earning an income to continue investing in the space I love so much. After months of speaking with teams from around the world, declining some unsuitable offers, and going through the emotional roller coaster of asking myself, “Am I good enough?” I came across the team at Covalent. Not only was I impressed with their successful track record, but after speaking with the team I realized this was a group of gifted minds who see an incredible future for web3, and I want to be a part of it.

Working at a foundational level in web3 where I get to connect with and support incredible teams who are building innovative blockchain technology is something I’ve done for the last 2 years, and Covalent will empower me to achieve more than I ever could alone. There’s also the perk of having access to some of the richest on-chain data in the world that makes this feel like a dream come true! Expect to see much more written and video content from me, fully empowered by the data, and the team I have access to with Covalent.

What Will Happen To MTTM

Now for the burning question on everyone's mind; what does this mean for MTTM? As the founder and CEO of MTTM, does joining Covalent mean I won’t be leading MTTM anymore? Not a chance! I will not be leaving nor giving up on making MTTM one of the most successful web3 guilds and communities! If anything this change will be beneficial to MTTM long term, not only will I be working to officiate myself as a leader in the space, but I’ll have added financial leverage to invest in the growth of the guild. MTTM is an iconic web3 gaming guild that’s been around for years and provided a safe, genuine place for enthusiasts from all walks of life to grow. There’s a bright and difficult future ahead for web3 communities and you better believe we’ll be a substantial part of it. As it stands now, I will still be acting as the CEO of MTTM and handling most of our community growth initiatives.

As for MTTM itself, we’ll continue to support the development and launch of high quality blockchain games as advisors, partners, investors, and of course, players. Our esports program is still young, but gaining traction, and with many more games set to release in 2023, the opportunity to grow as a web3 brand is huge! Expect to see more content, exciting tournaments, and plenty of events from us!

That all being said, adapting to a new full-time schedule takes a lot of time and focus, for the next month or so, activity within MTTM may slow down, but think of it like the calm before the storm, because there are big things coming in 2023!

Final Thoughts “Web3 Monetization”

I’ll keep this brief: Let me start by saying my time so far in web3 has taught me a lot, I’ve been observing and/or involving myself in all sorts of activities in the space, some of which light a fire in my soul and make me proud to be here, others not as much. One thing I’ve grown to dislike is the way many people choose to monetize themselves in this nascent market; chasing trends, contributing to malicious trading tactics, or just getting caught up in the emotional, and highly artificial marketing that runs rampant in the web3/NFT space. I believe this paradigm has erupted as a result of people trying to maintain their full-time income in web3 without a solid plan, trading NFTs, chasing GameFi rewards, and launching projects simply to make money is not the right way to go about monetizing ones self in web3. However, the greater web3 community continues to make these mistakes because there is not enough exposure or guidance showing people an alternative route. That’s where I want to make a difference!

My goal for 2023 is not only to be an example of taking an alternative route to web3 monetization but to document and share my journey with all of you to help provide the guidance we currently lack. Expect plenty of Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and maybe even some TikTok content from me over the year, all of which you can find on my website Maxdiewold.com.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read through everything. If you’re interested in connecting with me to talk about web3, gaming, or what kind of value Covalent offers to the market, send me a DM on Twitter or use the contact form on my website to get in touch and we’ll work something out!

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