The Toxzilla

A much more aggressive disablesaur variant.
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Important Runes and Charms

Main build

Alternative Cards

About this build

This is a much more poison/AoE-oriented Axie build that will be crucial for most poison team comps. The interesting thing about this Axie is that it can be played as either a dusk or reptile depending on what suits your comp. The Toxizilla opts for Gila for the synergy with poison and for the additional damage.

How to play

This Axie will have a much more aggressive playstyle so he would most likely be found in the midline or backline. So as many of you readers have expected, the key to this Origin build is to increase the number of poison stacks so that you may deal a large amount of damage with Gila. This is why having this build on a Dusk might be beneficial as dusks benefit greatly from its mystic rune: Gloomy Dice.