The Topaz Supporter

Build focuses on stalling the game and accruing enough banished cards to one-shot Axies with Topaz
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About This Build

This Axie will support your team and one-shot the opponent. The Topaz Supporter is a fierce support tank that’s also tuned to provide additional damage through the use of Topaz. To allow this build to thrive, you must have Hollow, Watering Can or any part that can provide a lot of sustain and banished cards.

How to Play

Remember that this Axie is primarily support based which means that Topaz is simply a bonus, the true utility is from the sheer amount of heal and shielding that is in this Axie’s kit. Other cards that would also work nicely are Teal shell, Timber and Clover. It is recommended that this Axie takes Gaia’s Embrace as a rune and takes Ancient Root and Discount Coupon as charms.

As for teammates, it is essential to have an Aqua Axie with Heart of the Ocean so that you are able to actually sustain yourself against a face rush comp.