The Gloomysaur

Pure Curse deck focused Axie. Shuffle all the Confused and goo into your Opponent’s deck.
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About This Build

This new Axie called the Gloomysaur focuses on the Fear and Hex status effect. Enemies who play attack cards when feared will end up shuffling useless Confused cards into their draw pile and enemies that play skill cards when hexed will suffer the same fate. This build has the ability to shuffle detrimental cards into the opponent’s deck.

How to Play

As you would have probably guessed, you will most definitely want Gloomy dice on this Axie and have him placed in the midline. The reason being is that there is little to no sustainability from this utility Axie, it has zero shielding and healing so it’s wise that you have another Axie acting as the front tank.

It would be even better if you could have an entire team of dusks all equipped with Gloomy Dice. I recommend a tanky disabler in the front line such as a Termi and a hard-hitting damage dealer in the backline.