Endless Nuts

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A staple of Double and Triple rage teams, this DPS focused beast is all about getting to fury as fast as possible to deal double damage. Endless Anger is the key catalyst and helps to propel the build to Fury as soon as turn 3 if you draw a card with Mask of Frenzy on it. Zeal and Puppy are there to help smooth out the card draws and act as an additional tutor when in rage - fishing out a Ronin or another Nut Cracker to maximize Fury can be the difference of killing something this turn or leaving it half alive. Runes and Charms Tips

  • Adding ATK+ charms can help to increase the overall DMG done when in Fury Mode
  • Use Scotch Tape to retain important cards like Imp or Ronin so your beast always has damage ready to go in Rage

How to play

Aim to get your Nut Crackers out the door as soon as possible - the more you can throw out before your first Fury Mode the better. Use your Puppy/Zeal cards to draw out the card with Mask of Frenzy ASAP so you can increase your DMG output as well as enter Fury mode faster - remember that Rage adds +2 DMG to cards!